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Brand Identity


ReYou is a project that combines my passion for clothing and responsibility to the environment. It is a sewing service that encourages the reuse of old clothing. They provide patterns that specifically can be used on ready-made clothes so they can be sewn into something new.

Branding, Logo System, Website Design, Social Media, Packaging, Photography, and Illustration

Made With

Adobe Illustrator | Adobe InDesign | Adobe Photoshop | Figma

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2022 AAF–District 8 ADDY Awards
Best in Show – Website Design (Desktop and Mobile)
Gold ADDY – Website Design

Silver ADDY – Brand Identity Campaign
2022 AAF–ND ADDY Awards
Best in Show – Brand Identity Campaign
Gold ADDY – Website Design
Silver ADDY – Logo Design


ReYou is like a collage. It helps people take something whole, break it apart, and put it back together to create something new. I chose to take a design direction that mimicked this sentiment. 

ReYou embodies Creativity, Empowerment, and Satisfaction. 



Users can take control of their wardrobe and take their style into their own hands. The site focuses on its main feature by guiding its users through the process of selecting sewing patterns through a three-step process: selecting a garment, selecting a pattern, and entering in their exact measurements. 

AAF Addy Award Badge

Mobile Website

The site introduces new people to the sewing community by making an intuitive site that encourages users to start a project. 


Social Media Campaign

ReYou inspires its users to harness their own creativity to make something with their own hands. The campaign is meant to showcase the sewing patterns and entice potential users to try it out for themselves. 

BFA_ReYou_Social Carousel.png


Instruction Brochure and Packaging

Each pattern is made to fit each individual body perfectly increasing their satisfaction with their clothes. Our sizes are made specific to each individual and highlighted in our pattern packaging and instructions. 

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