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I'm a graduate from Minnesota State University Moorhead with a B.F.A in Graphic Design. I love all of the lake activities, skiing, hotdish, long goodbyes, and, of course, my home state Minnesota.

I have a passion for learning new skills and determinedly keeping with them until I can do them well. I like to spend my spare time with board games, sketching, and practicing foreign languages: mainly French, Spanish, Japanese, and ASL (and, you know, sometimes English).

I channel my creativity through creating for others. I enjoy making work for the purpose of others and seeing how it impacts their lives. Whether it's for a friend or a client, I want to make something they are excited to have and I am proud to make.

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Design Statement


As a designer, I am always learning and practicing my craft. I enjoy researching and asking questions to kick off a project. With each project coming with its own challenges, I like to push myself with new approaches and styles. My own personal style shows through my detailed and decorative work, as well as my minimal and open aesthetic both of which are inspired by nature.

My design philosophy is: Why? I like to research a topic and understand the “why” in each
decision. This helps create purpose and meaning in my creating work that I can be proud of.

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