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Visual Identity


Neige is a fall and winter outerwear brand. Their main channel is selling fashionable accessories. The brand focuses on customizing the accessories from the type of fabric to the print. 

Branding, Logo System, Website Design, Packaging

Logo System-neige-08.png

Made With

Adobe Illustrator | Figma | Adobe Photoshop

Neige Thank You Card Mockup.png


Neige caters to a fashion-conscious crowd and a convenient shopping experience. The design gives the feeling of a blank slate that can be embellished as little or as much as desired. 

A secondary focus of Neige is the responsibly sourced and sustained materials that is reflected in the open and un-embellished layout and design of the website.

Our Mission


We provide sustainably made quality custom garments to get exactly what you want so you don't have to settle

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